You have Overcome.

What will I say to Jesus on the Cross at the Calvary? Jesus, You have

The army officer who was standing there in front of the cross saw
how Jesus had died. “This man was really the Son of God!” he said. Mark 15:39 (GNT)

I will never see and feel for Jesus the same way again because of the new meaning I found in Him which engraved in my heart and soul forever. I had this personal journey in internalizing Jesus’ feelings in the garden of Gethsemane leading to the cross. I want to dig deeper with His emotions and understand His feelings.

In Gethsemane, the Son asked His Father to take away the cup from Him if possible. This indicates that Jesus is not willing to embrace the cross AT FIRST. He refers to the chalice where MY OWN SINS was present. It’s been years since my heart aches when it came to my awareness that the Son is not willing to be crucified.

It is just this year (2021) that I found what my heart have been looking for. On that evening in the garden He prayed alone for He now sees His upcoming passion and death. He pleaded to the Father. He was deeply bothered. He was afraid. He asked His disciples to watch with Him while praying, went back to them to find them asleep. He prayed three times, go back to His disciples three times, and yet they were still asleep.

Jesus was troubled. He was terrified. He was really in anguished. He said “The sorrow in my heart is so great that it almost crushes me.” Matthew 26:38 (GNT). He sweat like blood because of the extreme distress. He was down on His knees, facing the ground. Pleading but surrendering. It was an excruciating experience for Him. He was really in agony. Jesus, our Lord, as a human, experienced these emotions – a great sorrow.

He was betrayed. How hurtful it was to be betrayed by one of His disciples. He was abandoned. How breaking that moment for Him, to be left alone by His disciples, close to Him, whom He treats as His friends, as His brothers, and as His beloved. Those were extreme emotions adding to the fact of His passion and death. He greatly suffered emotionally and there was a great pain. I felt that. If I was there with Him in the garden, I would have prayed with Him, I would have protected Him, I would have stayed on His side.

He endured, He accepted, He obeyed, and let the will of the Father be done. Jesus abandoned the word “I”, and give way to the “You” (God). Your will be done. “No one takes my life away from me. I give it up of my own free will. I have the right to give it up, and I have the right to take it back. This is what my Father has commanded me to do.” (John 10:18). Jesus acts and lives wholly from the Father and for the Father. He have the authority not to embrace the cross but He then willingly lay down His life for us.

Father Michael La Guardia, SBD, on Not Afraid – Holy Week Online Retreat mentioned that Jesus saw a sneak peak of His passion and death, but more than that “He saw me”. I know of His love but acknowledging “me” is different. His love is too personal and it strikes directly to my heart.

“You have overcome” are the words I am going to say to Jesus on the Cross. I can say sorry and thank you, but it is not about “I” but it is about “Him”. It’s not about how I feel towards what He did for me, but it’s about how He conquered and surpassed the agony He had to face before His death. He accomplished what He needed to do. Jesus was exalted on the Cross – the Great Love – our Salvation.

He is victorious, glorious, and always will be.

**My journey started with The Agony in the Garden – seizing and living the reflection I had. The Passion and Death of Jesus will be dwelt next year.

**The Bible, Jesus of Nazareth Vol. II by Pope Benedict XVI, The Feast video talks, Not Afraid – Holy Week Online Retreat, Bible Studies; Lover of the Word by Feast North Luzon (with Bro. Ilaw Cruz), and Bibliakonia by Feast Mall of Asia (with Father Michael La Guardia and Father Bob McConaghy) helped me understand and grow in this journey.

**I’ve watched Father Michael La Guardia, SBD at The Feast online mass and in Bibliakonia, a weekly Bible Study. Because of him I started being intentional and personal with my journey with the Lord. I considered him as my spiritual mentor and my relationship with God has never been the same. There was a seed planted in my heart, it is growing little by little, and praying it will bloom with His grace. A screenshot of his reply on my reflection. A remembrance that will never be forgotten. He proclaimed the Word, and He is now face to face with the Word. Father Michael is now with the Father.

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It’s Up to You, Because You Can

I took this photo in one of the ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor Temple.

It has been a trying time due to the pandemic – Covid-19. Everyone has been anxious at first, but as days/months passed by – some people gathered their courage and stood up. Others may still feel uncertainties and have the feeling of being stuck, but hey you need to move and do something.

With the ample time we have while we are at home during the lock-down, use it for introspection. Let me say what’s on my mind;

  • It’s up to you, help yourself – do not pity yourself because you are stuck, do not think that you can’t do anything on your situation, instead change your perspective, have the courage to step up and move forward (at least a baby step), look for the good things that you gain during these difficult times. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, grow yourself – feed your mind with information, with good stuffs, motivational and inspirational reads, improve your skills, re-assess your passion and work it out. Set your goals, dream about it to keep you going. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, seek peace – learn to meditate, practice to accept unchangeable things, control yourself instead of your environment. Don’t compare, be satisfied on what you have. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, free yourself – be responsible on your own decisions, follow your heart’s desire, the universe will conspire right? Be what you want to be, do what you want to do. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, be someone’s sunshine – reach out, be kind, help whenever you can, share your time, your presence, your ear and your heart, cheer for someone, console, pray for someone. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, nurture your relationships – serve your loved ones, care for them, spend time with them, join them on your meals, appreciate them. If you have differences – be humble to accept it and compromise. It’s because you can.
  • It’s up to you, be with God – know Him more, receive His graces, spend alone time with Him, listen to Him in silence, be guided with His words, let Him transform you, let Him love you more, let Him to fill you. It’s because you can.

You can! Do something.

You can! Make a difference.

You can! Change your life.

You can! Let God overflows His love unto you.

This is all up to you.

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A Battle Inside Self

This topic and its title were drafted a year ago after my conversation with a colleague.  We were in the same department, somehow sharing the same sentiments in work and in life.  Having our own different reasons, she left work first and I followed.  A year had passed and we reunite, today is December 2017 completing this post.

At work I encountered different moods from everyone: they wake up feeling happy and good, they feel home-sickness and missing their family, they are angry at someone or at something, they were the same as yesterday, they are loud and can speak a lot, and they are in complete silence.  Working abroad is both easy and difficult, thus, these moods should be respected the whole time.

So when she was quiet for some days,  I thought that was just normal as she had concealed her feelings very well.  Then, one day she told me that she was leaving and will go back home.  I was surprised with her news as I did not get any hint about what was happening with her.  She explained some reasons and I understood.  I then realized that she had something within herself: battling over decisions, and keeping herself being okay and to look fine.

We have different voices within us screaming in distinct level referring to our life’s role; a son, a daughter, or a sibling for our family responsibilities, an employee for our job duties and future savings, a lover and a friend for relationships, and a person for our own self.  Time and situations change the level of these voices, will you listen to the loudest scream or will you try to hush it, or will you ignore it and focus on the other voices?  Decisions should be made weighing the things that really matters.  Please listen to your HEART and PRAY harder.

If you listen to your heart everything will follow, you will be at ease and you will have a peaceful mind.

Did I and my colleague made the right decision?  Of course we had, we are now having a happy heart and a peaceful mind.  We regained the part of ourselves that we had lost for years, and we were thankful for the experiences that made us today – a tougher and stronger soul.

There are still lots of experience that can happen in the future and it makes us excited to welcome and to experience them as it makes us GROW.


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When I Stopped Saying “I Will”

Kerygma Conference (KCon) is an annual event by the Light of Jesus Family where it inspired  people about God’s love and His promises. This year’s conference was held on 23rd to 26th of November at SMX Convention and Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Manila.  It had a three-day classes, a plenary talks, and worships, and a Grand Feast on the last day.  It was my first official KCon as I only attended a Kerygma Grand Feast, a one day event outside the country.

I joined The Feast Abu Dhabi for the past two years, but was not able to be a part of a ministry and be a servant.  After coming back home, I immediately looked for The Feast Video Culiat (Angeles) here in Pampanga and became part of this community.  Then I found myself saying the same phrases within these two occasions; “I will be a member, I will attend regularly, I will be part of a ministry, I will serve, and I will commit myself to God and to the service”.

I am a person who plans ahead of time for the future and for almost everything.  I decided to study in another country or work again overseas in 2018.  This goal has been at least initiated and I am working it out for its completion, but it seems that I cannot get it as quickly I could.  So I worry about it, that is me – worrying about the future and compromising my present.

KCon was truly a life changing.  I was overwhelmed by the event as the classes, talks, and worships were powerful, and God’s grace was overflowing.  I cannot say that it was magical as this word is for Disney, not the word fulfilling as it is for employment or education, but I can associate it with love, healing, forgiveness, enlightenment, and blessing, and my right word for it is miracle.  I restored my light heart after the longest time not having it. ❤

On the Grand Feast I let go of my own-made plan to give way to His plan, that it is now the time to commit and serve Him.  My plans may get delayed, but I trust His will.

So I stopped saying “I WILL”, and now I can say that “I AM COMMITTED”.

First day of Kerygma Conference. “I AM COMMITTED”.

The Feast Video Culiat (Angeles): Every Saturday, 5:00pm, 5th Floor Diamond Spring Hotel, Balibago, Angeles City.

The Feast Abu Dhabi :

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Outside the Four Corners

There are life moments that make you feel that you are consumed with everything that surrounds you, and that you are losing your own self and even your own soul.

It feels like you are only moving on a four corner walls.  If you move an inch, you will find out that there is no difference from where you have started.  If you make a big move, you will bounce back to the center where you left. Then, you will assess the situation and you will try to think of a solution on how to overcome your dilemma.  And at that very moment you will realize that you are actually stuck.

In order to come out in the four corner walls, you need to make an enormous step than what you did on your first attempt.  And a full force bounce is required for you to surpass the level of bounce you did the first time.  A great effort and great courage, from within should be manifested for you to overcome the difficult situation that you try to run away with.

And when you have retrieved a great effort and great courage, from within, you will finally make it through your situation.  You will be at ease. You will be relieved.  And tranquility will come into you: deep into your soul. You will be outside the four corner walls; that you will never feel again that are stuck, that you are not moving, and that you are bouncing back.  You are free.  A different light and  a breathe of fresh air will welcome you as if things are anew. Your old self will be regained to live the life you have forgotten in the longest time.

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Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

A vrrroooom vrrroooom red day indeed. 🙂


Ferrari world is an indoor amusement park located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It was built for the tribute with the Ferrari enthusiast of all ages.  It brings the feeling of having a luxurious Ferrari.  Part of this park had the Ferrari story.  There were rides and shows that showcases all about Ferrari.  We’ve got to experience some of those and we were thrilled with these experiences.

Formula Rossa – The World’s Fastest Coaster.  It has a speed of 240km/h in 4.9 seconds, in which it only took more/less than a minute that was the reason I have the guts to try this ride.  We got the safety googles, the seat belt or the strap, and our grip to hold on tight on the strap.  They say that feeling with this ride is the same as finishing and being a champion on the race.

The World’s Fastest Coaster; Formula Rossa

Bell’Italia – the experience to ride on a small-scale  Ferrari 250 California, circa 1958 on a relaxing speed and having a tour in a miniature Italy with her landmarks.


Red Show – an amazing performance of acrobatic, dance, and mega wheels.  It was a fun and finding ourselves applauding with every part. But it ended too soon.

And some my photos of the picturesque plaza.

Red is Ferrari. 🙂

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“Do Not Be Afraid”, even when the struggle is real.

First Sunset of 2017.
As year 2016 has ended, I returned back to the experiences I’ve been through.  There were happy moments and there were struggles; as living and working away from home was a real challenge specially in this holiday season. 

I went for a 30 minutes walk to recap 2016, but that period was not fully enough to cover everything.  My journey of life seems to be in slow-mo; days were fast but I felt my time was too long, how ironic it was.  The struggles were real through my slow-mo journey, I was thinking how I surpassed it, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to look for an answers, and ended up with one- God.  He was there all through out,  and He never left. Thou the struggles were real – He overcomes it.  

After I attended a New Year’s Holy Eucharist, what Father Troy emphasized is “Huwag Kang Mangamba” which means Do Not Be Afraid.  That phrase strengthen my thoughts about my 2016, and faith in the coming 2017. 

I was never alone, and will never be alone. 🙂 At ease with Him. 

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The Phenomenal Les Miserables in Dubai


Jean Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, Eponine, Marius, Javert, and Thenardier and his wife came in United Arab Emirates to perform the classic phenomenal Les Miserables.

The show started on 10th November and ended on 2nd December this year. 

As I heard that there will be a Les Mis in UAE, I’d never had a second thought to see it.  It just been a literary piece in the university, a movie in 2012, and now it happened as a Broadway show.  I was in awe the whole performance as it was live, superb actors and their deliveries, smooth scene transitions, and of course the story itself, Victor Hugo’s.

Parts that touches my heart and soul.

1. Bring Him Home (Jean Valjean) – during the barricade scene, Marius got the courage to stand besides his friends to fight after he had met Cosette.  Valjean prays to keep Marius safe for Cosette, as he will not be with her for long to protect her.  At the time, he decided to get the custody of Cosette, Valjean became a great father and focuses on Cosette’s welfare.  John Owen-Jones was really great as Jean Valjean. Father’s love.

2. Do You Hear the People Sing – The courage of barricade boys together with the people led them to fight in the barricade. It was how they stand and fight until their last breathe. The effects of shooting sparks and sounds, and the smell of gun powders had made the scene more memorable. Of course Gavroche, the little kid, who was one of them made it more dramatic and intense. Friend’s courage.

3. On My Own (Eponine)- On My Own made my Les Miserables experience complete. How she felt broken with Marius and Cosette. She loved in silence. And I found myself whispering and singing her words as well.  Love and pain in silence.

4. I Dreamed a Dream (Fantine) – the life of Fantine had gone worst after she was kicked out from her work.  Without her daughter, Cosette, she supports her and longs to be with her.  But the people around her make her life worst; from supporting Cosette’s alone, to being prostitute, up to her death.  Life’s sorrow.

It was my first international Broadway show, and even I am solo I really enjoyed watching the show.  If given a chance, I will watch it again.




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Slide & Splash: Yas Waterworld Adventure

We celebrated our friend’s birthday (Jenny Rose) by having an adventure in Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi. Thanks to her birthday treat as we really enjoyed this adventure.

Yas Waterworld has four level rides; the Shaheen’s Adrenalin Rush, Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure, Hamlool’s Moving and Grooving, and Sultan’s Young Fun-which we never tried as it is merely for kiddos.

Hamlool’s Moving and Grooving.  We tried some of the the activities on this level; the Marah Fortress has slides,  interactive device for kids and families, and the highlight is the water bucket. The big water bucket was placed at the top of the area and it will dump volumes of water.  We were thrilled with the dump and the splashes of the water. And after trying the adrenaline rushed activities, we ended the whole adventure with a lazy river for relaxation, the Al Raha River.  We let ourselves flow in the lazy river while laying in their floating device, which we called “salbabida”.

Marah Fortress here we go. 🙂

Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure. The Bandit Bomber-an interactive water suspended roller coaster, it is a 550 meters roller coaster that keeps you hanging; you can see the  aerial view of the park. It has a water gun which you can shoot and splash people walking below but unluckily we did not noticed them as we were focused on our screams.  We were not allowed to bring any camera due to the speed and turns of the coaster. Next is the Sebag, it is a six lane mat racer slide and it was the longest single slide I’ve ever tried.  We got our own mat and went to the top of the slide.  At first, we were hesitant to try it as our heartbeats were all over our body – but still we did it.  This tube slide has unpredictable twist and turns as half of it was dark, and you feel the slide rush after seeing light of the sun.

Taking the mat and after the Sebag, and in the Bandit Bomber.

Shaheen’s Adrenalin Rush.  And this was the extreme levels.  My throat has been over-used with my screams of fear and joy.  We tried the group slide of Falcon’s Falaj, a six person’s hydro-magnetic mammoth raft ride and a feel-like roller coaster as the course has ups and downs. And the Dawwama, a six person’s hydro-magnetic tornado raft ride, which Yas Waterworld termed it as “The most exhilarating tornado ride in the world!”.  It was indeed exhilarating.  I tried not to scream but it cannot be controlled, so it’s waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaahhhhhaaa.

Falcon’s Falaj, screams of fear and joy. 😀

Dawwama, in a 20 meter high funnel.

We did not got the chance to try all the rides due to our limited time, it should be a one whole day activity.  At least once in a while, everyone needs to over scream, to have adrenaline rush and ride thrill, to make your heart feel the sudden ups and downs, and to enjoy and have fun.

Harold, Me, and Jenny. 😀

Be Cerulean.  Be Positive.  Be Brighten.  Be Alive.

Yas Waterworld details:

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Cherised Old Memories

Home is the most comfortable place in the world; where we can be ourselves, wear our old favorite t-shirts, have a genuine relationship, and a place for family and love.

My grandparent’s home will be rebuild into a new establishment, as I have heard this news and seen the below photograph, all the memories at home flashes back. 🙂

Process of demolition.

As I enter the main door; on my left, I took the stairs to go in the second level – which was made with wood.  As I passed in the small hallway; I carefully walked as the floor squeaks with each steps I made.  The hallway has its open window and uses a tarpaulin as a curtain when rain comes.  Remembering my childhood days, I used to sit in the open window balcony – where I can swung my feet in the air and feeling the afternoon breeze.  And seeing our neighbors, their homes, and vehicles that passes along the road.  Back to the small hallway, before entering the two rooms I stopped and looked at the hanged cloth portrait of the moon and a girl (my siblings and cousins where still in an argument if the portrait is creepy or not).  I grew up knowing that these rooms has not been merely used as bedrooms.  As I enter the left room I saw my late grandmother’s cabinet-with her clothes; most of her pink dresses were kept there, and the photographs that had been tucked in the glass door of the cabinet.  And on the other corner of the room, our family’s catholic religious items were placed on a small table.  The room seems empty and silent. While, the right room served as storage room with my uncle’s some wooden furniture.  I remember that this room was dark, the only things that brings light in the room during daytime was the open window on the small hallway and the old yellow bulb during night time.  We played a game in which I would name as “hide and seek in the dark”, others will get their spots-but they can move anywhere, while the one who seeks has blindfolded, he will make use of his sense to locate the others.  It can now be an old game in today’s generation.

The cloth portrait of the moon & a girl.  Creepy or not?

While going down; the lower part of the stair’s step has coins that somehow engraved-an aesthetic purpose during my grandparent’s time. The living room was very spacious and has two sets of sofa – one cushion and one wooden. I usually stop and look at the photographs hanged on the wall. These photographs were my grandparent’s  and family portraits, in which portrays our family history-as they usually taken during family reunions.  You could see how our family becomes bigger as years passes by, and how each of my family changes from being teens to becoming parents. Photographs were our treasures, and I will never ever get tired looking at them.

BeFunky Collage
DE LUNA Family. :’) And in the lower right picture, we have our great great grandmothers; Apung Saryang and Apung Andang.

My other favorite thing was the displayed name of my grandparent’s and their children; Lino & Emiliana – Lino Jr, Luis, Leonardo, Leonilo (my father), Leonicio, Leopoldo, Laila, and Lea.  All first letters has been followed to my grandfather’s name (first letter).  The old television was still at the corner of the living room.  While, at the center table there were sea shells in which I would listen to – and hearing the sounds of waves.  The living room was our story telling area – for us ladies and kids, while my brother and cousins were outside – doing their manly stuff ;).  Our dining on the other room seems to always have a lot of food during occasions – especially during our grandparent’s birthday.  I remember how my grandmother kept her plates and utensils – she even put her initials so they will not be lost; that was how she really value her things :).

The two lower rooms has two small stair steps; my grandparent’s room and my aunt’s room.  My grandparent’s room became my grandfather’s room in the year 2005.  In here, his checkered polo was hanged near the door, his sandals were kept below his bed, and his shoes which he was really proud of – that he bought them during their time for only Php 2.00 ($0.04), very shiny and very durable.  His bed was fixed while he was seating and watching basketball games or news on the television, and sometimes he play cards too – solitaire.  Behind the header board was his cabinet, his milk, biscuits, fruits, and also his medicines.  While, on the other side was the television and electric fan, which was adjacent to the window. Then, my aunt’s family bedroom was on the other side; she has stuff toy of a rabbit and garfield.

At the back of the our home was the bathroom and the kitchen.  We have the manual stove – with the usage of woods, and our manual water pump (pos0).  On other side was the Duhat tree (Java Plum) in which we used to climb at and pick its fruits.  Our grandmother would then wash and scramble them with rock salt (very tasty).  And in front of our home-were Santan plants, which has yellow and red flowers.

Today, our De Luna home would be rebuild into a new home – a two story establishment.  My memories with our home; the experiences, the feelings, the sorrow and fear that we’ve been through, the love and laughter that has been felt will remain in my heart and in my family’s heart.  I might have little experiences and stories to tell but they will surely  be cherished forever.  Preserving my memories.  And as memory was remembered, all the feelings would be felt again.

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